the forgotten sixer that never was, or something like that

well, i had a good run, but it was bound to happen…

…i missed a day. oops.

there was supposed to be a sixer up yesterday, as it WAS sunday, and WAS an odd numbered day, but not so much. kinda spaced it. and i say “kinda” ’cause i thought about it when i woke up, but didn’t have time. i thought about it later in the day, but got sidetracked. even thought about it over dinner as a “before i crash tonight, i gotta…” thing, but i got home late and was wiped out and there we were.

this shit happens.

so, after my archives were wiped out and i pledged to myself that a new entry would be up, without fail, every forty-eight hours or so i missed one…and it was a sunday sixer i was gonna do that was gonna be juneteenth bbq related as yesterday would mark the one week mark before the q…but nopers.

so, um, yeah…more stuff on the way later. these things happen. sorry ’bout that.

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  • sinderella Jun 16, 2010 @ 9:44

    It happens. Once in a “Blue Moon” heehee