tuesday wee bit

ya know what’s sad?

i find myself having to FORCE this entry out of me now that i’m in front of my notebook. on the way home? music blaring? top down? going ninety on back-ass roads with a good liquor buzz? i recited this whole thing orally…twice.

now, it’s an issue.

i had today planned nicely – today was supposed to be “responsible day”. lately tuesday is “responsible day”, and wednesday is “fun day”.

but today, not so much.

(by the way, if ANYBODY knows how to disable the second set of pointers, just below the space bar, on a dell e series latitude (named after our favorite reader?) then let me know – these things have been making my life HELL lately).

today’s “responsible” end was killed because of bella. not my python. not the annoying whiny-ass character in the twilight series. JAB’s new daughter. okay, i shouldn’t really blame her. SO not her fault. i should blame her dad…who sent me this text message:

“you gonna pop by the hospital today @ some point?”

in my defense, two things came to mind…

1. i thought her delivery time was still a week off (it was, but they induced early)
2. last time they had a kid they were so slammed with family they asked me to wait a day, which i TOTALLY understood…

but i headed that way. in truth, i had stuff to do in san marcos anyway, but it was gonna wait till wednesday, as i already had irresponsible plans (bar-b-que at shane’s) for wednesday regardless. instead they got halved, which i guarantee will make for FAR less responsible shit when all is said and tallied.

these things happen.

unlike a good 99% of the world, i am not a fan of babies. i’m not. they’re ugly to me. at best their pinkish, squinched, and basically look like a miniature version of a century-old human. get earlier in the game (like today) and they’re wet, slick, and sticky in their own fluids. add twenty years to a girl and that’s hot.** at four hours, not so much…

(** – i would like to insert, as to not offend JAB, this is not me talking about your daughter in particular…it was just me making a broad generalization…or, more accurately, a generalization about broads.)

let’s move on…

…so i went, had some great hang out time with the parents, and just about the time the little girl started doing her best car-alarm impersonation it was time for me to go grab grub (early lunch = early dinner). but the kid (and both parents) are happy and healthy, and as the old song lyrics go, “who could ask for anything more?”

all the best to JAB and the clan!