motherfuck the highwaymen

first off, this is NOT a diss on willie, waylon, kris, or johnny…

…this to some of the men that are BUILDING the fucking highway.

okay, so there’s tons of dust and bullshit and at night i can’t see the stars half the time ’cause they work around the clock – and all so they can build a highway that connects I-35 to I-10…oh, wait – we have 183, which somehow has done all this flawlessly.

i think this might kill the city of luling completely. and probably make my side of town huge…or will i now be in “the ghetto” ’cause i’ll be EAST of toll road, kinda like it’s considered “ghetto” to be east of 183 in town now?

(and for that matter, it’s considered “ghetto” to be east of I-35 in austin…why does the east side of the highway always get such a bad rap?)

but, i digress…

…so, there’s the dust and lights at night and shit. bad enough. then, they decided that ALL of 183 from the current toll to town needed to be 55 MPH. we discussed this earlier this month. but the other day i saw some shit i just couldn’t believe.

i was on my way up to austin on monday, ’bout 9am or so, when i came up behind two trucks driven by the toll road crew. not dump trucks, or anything or pavement-laying-ish. just trucks – a ford f150 and a chevy c1500…driving, side by side, in BOTH the northbound lanes at TWENTY FUCKING MILES PER HOUR. not a single construction worker in site, save for these two. no actual CONSTRUCTION going on in the area.

they did it so they could talk to each other. guess that whole “cell phone” fad has alluded them.

i freaked. i tapped my horn, figuring maybe they didn’t realize that somebody was behind them. that seemed to get their attention…

…’cause they fucking slowed down to ten. when i tapped my horn again, they slowed down to idle speed.

they kept this up for at least a mile or so (which took ten minutes to transverse at their “pace”) and then both sped up to 70 MPH (fifteen miles above the speed limit) without warning. never saw a reason for the slowdown, and there were no signs posted that this kind of shit would be going on. when i got over the ridge i saw that they had brought all the southbound lanes to a halt with some guy with a hand-held stop sign, even though there was no equipment crossing the road for the next five miles – and i ought to know, since i had just driven it…mostly at a pace where i could actually swerve to successfully avoid CATERPILLARS (as in the black fuzzy fuckers, not the equipment).

how the fuck is this even REMOTELY legal?

my theory is they’re trying to make 183 as unbearable as possible so we’ll hop on the toll as soon as it’s open? fuck them – they no longer get my money.