take the lift up here!

sue me, uneventful weekends yield little fodder for bits…

…that shit happens. only real haps on the weekend front of note was i got a new mattress. ultra-comfy, memory foam topper, and now my bed is (literally) over three feet off the ground. i think if it were any higher snow would gather. i’m actually typing this bit while perched (appropriate word) on it and i can see denver from here.

on the upside, i sleep a lot better since there’s less oxygen at this elevation.

my bed used to be the ideal height for me to sit on – now it’s actually the ideal height for me to set the laptop on and stand here and type. i’m actually looking at myself in the full length mirror between the closet doors and, yup, my forearms are perpendicular to the floor.

the “ergo-nurse” at dell would be so proud – it took building maintenance three tries to get my desk there at this perfect height. mattress did it without even trying…

…and am i the only one who thinks it odd that i spell words like “perpendicular” right the first time, but had to go back and correct the spelling on “mattress” twice? left out the second “t”. or maybe it was the first one. either, or, it’s time for a monday drink…or three.

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