choco-diet rocks!

who knew i was being all healthy and shit?

one of my weaknesses when trying to cut carbs isn’t bread or even beer – it’s chocolate milk. i grew up on it. i love it. it’s hard to go without it. it even goes well with most cigars because, if you read the hoity-toity reviews most of them have “coffee and cocoa overtones”.

but then over drinks and dinner and what-not with shane and some other folk he said he had a link to send me and it turns out that chocolate milk, at least according to this dietitian is actually GOOD for you and shit.

so, on that note, it’s wednesday afternoon when this is being written, i’m full of bar-b-que (and thanks to mike pain for heading out for lunch), but now i should head to the fridge for my second dose of moo-medicine.

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