PLEASE be a “crack head” in this respect

i, on more than one occasion, have made up some pretty ridiculous shit for this site…

…sadly, i didn’t make this shit up.

i was on facebook on my phone and a friend posted this link. i read the one line description, saw the picture…

it’s a decorative, bling-filled patch to go over your ass crack when you wear low-rise jeans with no draws. fucking seriously? i have a friend that used to wear the petals they make to cover your nipple hard-ons when you don’t wanna wear a bra. THOSE made sense to me. they made a “wardrobe malfunction” look more streamlined; it HID it. this seems to draw attention to it…

but an ass-crack cover? maybe i’m just losing touch with what today’s woman wants out of an accessory. i thought this was one of the stupidest things i’d seen in a good long while. and they run about twenty-bucks, for anybody who wants an ass patch.

they do make one other product that makes a little more sense, but i don’t know the marketability of it:

a decorative strap cover to make your bra straps prettier when you wear tank tops. down side? gives women less of an excuse to shop for pretty, blinged-up lingerie. kinda kicks your niche market in the tits, don’t it?

be curious to see if this site (and company) are still operational in another six months…

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  • sinderella May 10, 2010 @ 10:41

    I was a festival once where I saw a woman with some giant blinged out bra straps, they put the one pictured above to shame. I have been wanting them ever since. The ass crack patch I can do without. Really, what is the point?

  • Shane May 10, 2010 @ 11:58

    I think that most contractors that work in public should have to wear the crack patch, or you know…a fucking belt!