okay, i can’t say i get all of it…

…my fault for not getting through law school, i suppose.

but while millions of americans cheer or jeer over the passing of the historic health care bill, i just want somebody to explain to me, in plain english, what this is about. all the the liberals make it out to be a wonderful thing – i believe the word “hallelujah!” was posted by more than just leia when i checked facebook. and there were plenty of comments to her post, griping about it covering illegal aliens for free, or being unconstitutional, or what have you. and everybody will tell you what’s right or what’s wrong with it – but when you ask them where they got their info, or how they know this, they just say it’s “online”.

i can see a midget with three boobs blow a goat online…doesn’t meant it REALLY happened.

three things i feel safe in saying are true about the bill…

1. we’re getting fucked SOMEHOW here. nothing in america is free. NOTHING.
2. somebody on the hill made a cockton of money for this passing. that i guarantee
3. with 13 states (and counting) suing the feds over it passing, something ain’t right

buried at the bottom of the story on yahoo news was the first line i’ve seen that says something in plain english, and it didn’t ring well with me…

so let me get this straight – the government is going to REQUIRE me to pay for health insurance, even though i’ve been to the doctor THREE TIMES in the last fifteen years, and one of those was just to get a “permission slip” signed for me to have a stand-up desk at dell? i have to PAY for insurance that never gets used, or be penalized by the government?


so, for all of you who think this bill is “democracy in action” and “finally the lobbyists didn’t win…” let me ask you – if you REALLY think the insurance lobbyists didn’t push this through, what color is the sky in your world?

fuck this – by 2014 i won’t be paying for insurance…’cause i’ll be living in ireland by then. bank on it.