the tree of doom, part ii

this could be the longest time between original bit and sequel bit EVER…

…at least for me. that indiana jones shit kicks my ass on the overall.

the original bit was up back in june of 2008, right before the bbq (don’t ask me what’s up with that little thumbnail photo, ’cause i have no idea). at the time i trimmed back a rain forest worth of greenery across a couple weekends and slowly got it back to a single branch that, when freed of the rain forest worth of weight, raised back up to just high enough where my average height ass couldn’t get to it comfortably from the roof top. add to that that it was still pretty green wood and the height/weight ration made as far as i got be…well…as far as i got. figured it would hold for a while…

…guess it’s been a while.

so yesterday when i was mowing the side yard i saw this…

clearly the branch had finally gave and dropped the rest of the way onto the roof (which explains the loud thud that woke me out of a sound sleep post st. patrick’s day drunkapalooza) right over my fucking bed! it DOES look like it’s on the roof, right? well, apparently the tree was still holding up a bit of its share because moments after i took this pic i hit it with the chainsaw-on-a-stick and the thud that followed indicated that yes, virginia, there was still some weight the house wasn’t supporting.

for better or worse, i had changed that.

from there i got up on the roof (oh yeah – JAB, i don’t need your ladder any more. i was gonna text you, but as half the stuff i tell you gets the “i know…i read it on the whore” response i figure you’ll probably read this as quick as a text message) and discovered the mondo log from hell was now fully on the roof (thankfully not through it, although some shingles look the worse for wear) and only three feet from the edge. i was able to get a hand between it and the roof and boost it up a couple inches and down a couple feet…on one end. repeated for the other. with it now a foot from the edge i figured better safe than sorry, sat down behind it, put both feet on it, and pushed – which is how we got this:

there are actually two places on this monstrosity where it’s almost half cut through from the summer 2k8 logging expedition…but it’s down now, by god. i couldn’t cut it into pieces on the roof ’cause i was afraid i’d cut the roof to pieces, too…but now that it’s on the ground this puppy is all mine.

firewood, anyone?

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  • sean Mar 19, 2010 @ 11:20

    you may note there’s some dirt on the end of the branch closest to us – look center frame, bottom edge, and you can spot the eight inch deep hole this puppy made when that end landed first as it fell off the roof!

  • sinderella Mar 25, 2010 @ 14:23

    that’s a pretty big piece of wood