the squeaky wheel gets the grease, i suppose

so, i do a bit about how the site might go away and the billing got all fucked up and what not…

…and so far, no issues with the site getting knocked offline due to some computer error doing it as a collections move or something. then i do a second bit about how i’m still not seeing my dough (at 1:15am saturday morning) and the dough is back in my account by the time i check it the next morning (6:04am – a mere five hours later).

so perhaps this should be a bit about how much it sucks i never win the fucking lottery? just a thought.

it’s been a mentally exhausting weekend (no real reason, just has been) and fairly physically wearing as well (i attribute that to the time change – honestly, do we NEED daylight savings time in the era where farming isn’t really an industry any longer?) but it’s 8:07pm sunday as this is being written, i’m full of migas and sipping on sangrita number two on the trudy’s patio (in the seventies as the sun just went down) so life could be a lot worse, right?

promise i’m not complaining – what would be the point?

as you read this i’m probably wedged up under harold’s truck and cursing – but we’ll see how all that goes. hopefully it’s uneventful, but if not at least i’ll probably get a bit out of it…