if i go away, you know why (part ii)

okay, so where was we?

oh, yeah…why i’m still fuck all broke.

(which is actually a misnomer – BROKE = zero balance. you’ll notice i’m actually WORSE than broke)

as i was writing the first part of this bit (put up on thursday) i got email from fatfuck (my hosting co) stating that my “trouble ticket has been resolved” and that “charges were being reversed”. as you can see while charges were supposedly reversed no money has actually come back into my hands. that’s because the bank shows it as a pending charge, and assures me that as long as it doesn’t become some kind of “locked down” charge that i actually still have money in my account.

funny, it doesn’t look like i do (see screen shot from chase.com above)…

also, on said trouble ticket email they assure me that “no collections action will be taken even though, due to the charges being reversed, my account shows to be ‘past due’ for the full amount of $140….”

hello?!?!? fatfucks?!?!? i believe the whole purpose of my call was to set up the date that i would be billed (3/17) and it was YOU incompetent drooling canuck retards that STOLE my money. while your rep (and his supervisor) tried to explain that nothing was “stolen” is was simply an error, when i was growing up my mom taught me if you take something from someone without asking it’s “stealing”.

you took my money thursday without asking after i told you to not take it till NEXT wednesday. sorry folks, by liz law that’s stealing. sorry your mom didn’t teach you that.

so, if you can read this we should be good. don’t think any of the numbers from the previous bit apply just yet…we’ll see how this all plays out.

for all this inconvenience they plan on crediting me the hosting equivalent of $7.33 (two months). that number had best be going up, or this site will be going down. or i’ll just renew for a single year so i can find a new hosting company that doesn’t fuck things up so royally so often.