and the song keeps skipping on

the title would imply there were some kind of iTunes issues here…

…which sadly there ARE, but that’s not the bit today. it might be later, though – if i can’t get it going.

moving on…

…no, this was to imply that something that looks like this would make your vehicle’s CD player skip:

now, you may notice that the two sets of holes look eerily similar. it’s ’cause they are eerily similar. in fact, they’re the same holes on two different streets. how? they were put there on purpose to slow down speeders by the canadian government. people slow down to try and straddle the holes, so they don’t speed through that area any more…and lest you think those wacky canucks are trashing their own roads, here’s how they get fixed:

yep, they’re decals – or so the email i received from my girl erin claimed. if they ARE doing this, it’s pretty cool…but i don’t know if this is real – in pic three (sticker removal) the sticker casts a shadow (i suppose to help imply it’s a sticker) but the guy peeling it doesn’t. also, all THREE pics have writing in each lane of traffic (“feels like pioneer suspension”) which i don’t think would actually be on the roads up there, although cold-ass, boring-ass canada could make you do some crazy shit…but i think the writing would have to be in both english AND french according to canadian law…

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  • jab Mar 9, 2010 @ 12:47

    looks like the shadow is coming from his back. still looks photoshoped tho