exposed six times over

okay, so now that the title got you thinking this would be a porno entry…

…not so much.

people mail me things. sometimes i take pics when i’m out and about. all done in the name of getting bits for you good folks. i’ll see something cool on a friends computer and i’ll say “send me that – would make a good bit”. they mail. i archive.

then i forget.

same with my own camera phone, sadly enough. so, here’s six of the ones laying about that should have been bits a while back and…well…it just never happened.

this was the sticker on the window of the car when i went for migas & ritas sunday night at trudy’s in north austin (i can be found at the bar there EVERY sunday around 7:00ish for all curious). sorry it’s so dark, but the camera phone ain’t got no flash and the parking lot ain’t got much lights – but at least i now know girls have some of my same requirements for partners and such…

i get a lot of net shots and demotivational posters and such sent my way for bit consideration. this one i just HAD to use. i get the whole “pose next to a pricey ride” thing, but i guess when no ride can be had you show off your hip-hop street cred by posing next to the escalade of vacuum cleaners? only a white boy…

this is taped to EVERY waitress station in my pub (i should note i refer to it as “my” pub as it’s the only irish pub i ever go to, not because i own it, which i only point out due to “sean” being in the name of the joint). it’s no joke – pay for ’em or not, if you don’t finish your quarter wings they stay behind when you leave…like mom always said, “take all you want, but eat all you take”.

on a side note, i’ll be there for st. patrick’s in ten days…anyone care to join?

ed hardy and affliction – two brands i own, the latter of which i own quite a bit from. both now forever affiliated with spiky-haired duchebags that look (and typically act) like they belong on tool academy, which is a shame as they’re well built and comfy (the clothes, not the dudes). typically not brands associated with fat dudes. just in case any fat dudes DO wanna rock the ed hardy, i saw this (on clearance) at a nieman marcus and wanted to snap a picture to show that yes, even fat dudes can rock the “tool” brands…although if this fits you the girl who’s window i snapped for the first pic on this list probably still won’t fuck you.

it should be noted for you outsiders that we can carry guns in texas. we can. but i DO think you have to able to actually read in order to get the permit, so i figure a text sign should be used in place of this icon, although it says it all…i just always wonder what goes through the mind of somebody that DOESN’T know you can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun in texas…talk about perpetuating a stereotypes!

(side note: the odd angle is ’cause it’s a motion activated door so if i stood in front of it the thing would open and hide the sticker – plus, i HATE those pics that are a perfect reflection of the person taking the picture. in addition, if you look to the right of the frame, you can see building security on their way out to ask me what the fuck i was doing…in their defense, it IS a government building.)

this is the only pic i actually added something to – the old school bar across the eyes “to conceal identity” – no purpose to it, as this is all over the web, but i’ve been watching a lot of “gangland” on the history channel lately and they always black scribble the faces, which i think looks shitty, so i went with the old school eye bar. hood folk fanning out hundreds (typically fake) isn’t uncommon to find online – but a guy trying to rep out with under twenty bucks? now THAT’S gangsta…and classically funny!