did i do that?

oh harriet, here we go again…

…as this is the last sixer of 2k9, i would normally be predictable and do a new years resolution sixer – but i did that LAST year, and since we’re on re-runs, let’s look back and see how i fared out:

six things that just gotta happen in 2k9, damn it!!!

6. lunch with ME – seriously. i was talking to her about it yesterday, and we’ve been tight for a little over seven years now. should have been married for at least five of those from where i’m sitting, but never mind that now. 2k8 is the first year of our friendship where a full year is on the books and while we’ve logged tons of phone hours, we haven’t seen each other’s face. she DID live in cali till mid august, but she’s back to within a couple hours of my place again, so we need to make this one happen…the sooner the better. yes, baby, i miss you…

this we pulled off a few times, actually…just not in the last few months.

5. around the world, part i – frighteningly shane would know this one better than me, most likely – but i believe 2k8 is finally the year where i acquired a taste for beer. might have been earlier, but it really came into it’s own this year. there’s a bar in san marcos (the taproom – great ribs) that has sixty beers between tap, blends of taps, and bottles. drink one of each (with the tapped and blends being twenty-three ounces, NOT pints) over whatever time period you choose, have your card punched, and get your name on the wall. that’s gonna be me by the end of 2k9. yes, sometimes the goals of a thirty-seven year old (when he’s unmarried and without offspring) resemble those of a college sophomore.

yeah, not so much – only went 22 outta 60…but hey, they SAID there’s no time limit. and while i acquired a taste for SOME of the beer that’s out there, some of it just plain sucks!

4. yes, the weight thing – while my weight’s not going up, at least, it IS holding steady at 231.5. and while T was down from CT recently and said i looked fine, i think i need to get back down to the 210-215 range. it just bugs me. so while this makes the goals of a thirty-seven year old (when he’s unmarried and without offspring) resemble those of a college sophomore girl it’s still a part of the equation, damn it!

made it to the teens briefly, sitting around 225 now. i gotta get this shit under control before i’m 40…seriously! hell, at least i’m still thirty pounds less than high school, and fifty pounds less than my heaviest. in college i had a 40″ waist, now more like 34-36″…i’m doing SOMETHING right!

3. around the world, part ii – i broke this part off ’cause the other got a bit long and personally, even though i don’t think she reads the site any longer, i think ME would appreciate some distance between a somewhat syrupy bit about me missing her and wanting to marry her and me wanting to bang a black, asian, indian, and/or middle eastern girl this year. sue me, i feel i’m over due on the all of the above, and if no girl will walk that fine line (where she’s smart enough to keep me interested yet dumb enough to marry my ass) i might as well get some bennetton-style pussy out of it, right?

sadly, went zero for three on this…zero for four if you REALLY think about it. let’s move on, shall we?

2. stop the madness!!! (financially speaking) – seriously, i’ve had enough of this. be it from improving my job with my current company, moving jobs, or moving companies, this shit’s gotta stop. i’m crying uncle here. set a three goal system a few months ago, was on track to at least go two outta three, and now i’ve stumbled back to zero for three. fucking recession. nicholson said (in the departed) – “nobody’s gonna give it to you…you have to take it.” i believe he may be right. damon also had a great quote about us irish boys and our relationships with women (”if this is gonna end, you have to be the one that ends it, ’cause i’m not capeable. i’m irish – we can suffer silently forever…” or something to that effect) but never mind that now…

ya know what’s freakish? i lost my job february 1st, and yet still accomplished this!

1. find a partner in crime and be happy – these two things might be completely UNreleated, and if i have to pick one or the other i’m going with happy – but i’d prefer both. been single long enough, and seem to do better when i’ve got someone to share the good times and bad times with…so if you want to kidnap ME and shove her my way (just kidding…maybe) or no any tips on how to accomplish the happy thing, you know where to find me…although if i’m gonna go for the twofer here she better be pretty open-minded or come around AFTER i hit number three on this list, right?

yeah, don’t get me started on that last one…