merry christmas, damn it!

yes, i said it…

…i actually SPELLED out the word “christmas”. did i find religion? become a changed man? have i been “saved”?

um, no.

the reason i use “xmas” instead of “christmas” in the majority of my bits has nothing to do with organized religion (or a lack thereof) in my world, but rather the same concept behind “lol” or “omg” – it’s simply faster to use while typing.

and if you SAY “merry christmas!” to me you won’t offend me. same thing if you say “happy hanukkah”, even though i’m not jewish. or if you say “joyous kwanza” even though, let’s face it, that’s some made up bullshit. i’m not gonna be one of those crusaders trying to get everyone to say “merry christmas” instead of “happy holidays” because the majority of them are bible-thumping church-goers that are trying to shove christian tradition down the throat of the nation.

nothing new there…just ask the indians*, if you can find one.

* = feathers, not dots

this latest “happy holidays” crusade (noun used intentionally) is the latest in a long strain of causes that to me just seem pointless…this is why i really admire those amish folks. buddhists, muslims, jews – they all have their beliefs, traditions, holidays, deities, and the like – just like christians do. you know what makes christians stand out?

the membership drive

i have friends of all the aforementioned faiths, save for amish, and NONE of them hassle my lack of religion – except for by church-going friends. they practically salivate at the idea of me sitting in a pew again. but the amish? they’re christian and convicted to the point of rejecting ELECTRICITY and such – otherwise just normal christians…but they DON’T try to get you to be ONE of them.

why can’t the rest of them be that way?

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – christianity, vegetarianism, and homosexuality – your views on these are YOURS. mine are MINE. just don’t try to sway me to your side of the “issue” and we’ll get along fine. or, try and fail like many before you and annoy me in the process.

okay, i’ll stop preaching (pun intended).

so, if somebody says “merry christmas” and you’re not christian, just say “right back at ya!” or “happy holidays”. but don’t be OFFENDED – and don’t be afraid you’ll offend people with your religous-based holiday traditions,sayings, and expressions. if the person is even moderately reasonable in either maturity or intelligence they won’t be offended…and if they are, quite honestly, fuck ’em.

so, merry christmas to all of you – we’re running re-runs on the whore till new years…