the tree of doom?

to be honest, i’d always kinda worried about this…

…no need to be worried anymore since it kinda happened:

that’s a big-ass part of an even bigger ass tree on my house. what’s sad is i didn’t think to take these pictures till i’d hacked at it with a chainsaw for an hour or so. by the time the first couple of trimming sessions had happened the brush pile was kinda big:

now i’ll grant you that doesn’t look that big, but look at it from the other side:

yep, it was big enough to hide my car behind. believe it or not, it only grew from here. at one point (after it fell and slid a little bit) this big ol’ hunk o’ tree went from twenty feet OVER the crest of my roof to two feet off the ground.

whole lotta cuttin’ going on.

mostly done now, suspended trimming till after the bbq, so probably by the time you’re reading this it’s all been through the chipper. did it all myself, too. perhaps i should have been a lumberjack?

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