new saturday toonage=fat ass kids

how many of us grew up eating rabbits on a regular basis?

…i figure very few.

you know why? not just ’cause they don’t sell ’em in the grocery store. not ’cause they don’t taste good (from what i’m told). personally, i blame bugs bunny – if he had been a cow none of us would have touched beef if we knew where it came from.

(and nobody point out the foghorn leghorn factor – i’m on a roll here)

the other day i was working out with the CLNGF and i saw a cartoon on saturday morning that freaked me out – it was a bunch of animated VEGETABLES and their adventures. no WONDER these kids today are getting fatter…how on earth are you supposed to be expected to EAT your cartoon heroes? i swear, someone should have thought this through a little better…