the cult (not the cool rock band from the ’80’s)

before i go further, it should be said i don’t watch horror movies…

…let alone their sequels. so the following entry apparently, from what shane told me, kinda rips off a horror movie plot. i had no idea. but i was written before i was informed of this, so fuck it – i put it out here:

has anybody noticed how much those fucking “snuggies” look like robes cult members would wear? sure, they come in cool college prints and cheetah prints and shit…but the “blanket with sleeves” looks like something that should be worn to a black mass or to sacrifice the virgin connie swail (anybody get that reference without google aid?). my theory is (and this is where the horror movie plot similarity kicks in, unfortunately) that there’s a chip somewhere in those things and when they sell a certain amount they throw some master switch and all wearing them becoming their unwilling army of darkness – out to kill and maim and stay warm in a stiff breeze, since they ARE wearing a blanket with sleeves and all. don’t support the madness – ditch your snuggie today!

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