okay, so this is gonna be a short one…i’m sick, i pulled a muscle in my back from coughing too hard (who knew that was possible?), i’ve got the massive valentine’s day depression going, and i had gas company issues when i went to take a shower so i had no hot water. before i left for okc, the ka fraternity got suspended on ut campus for a racially themed party; which was not the first time they’ve done such things…this IS the frat that considers it’s spiritual founder to be robert e. lee and they try to follow many of his beliefs (keep in mind which side of the civil war he ran, k?). but we’ll deal with that tomorrow…and quote the valarian as we do (the “secret” text of the kappa alpha order…i have a copy at home. don’t ask). for now, let’s talk about pussy…
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take your hands off those balls

so, tonight was the nba all-star game, reminding us that jordan is retiring…again. and reminding us that we still wanna fuck the brains out of mariah carey (although recent interviews i’ve seen with her might indicate some one has already done that in the literal sense). and josh and i were reminded about all the goings on as i received a call (not from a guy) to let me know that they were on their way to watch the game at hooter’s. damn sad when a girl’s night is more guy-like than mine, huh?
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