extra sack shriveling (or why i don’t like papa johns anymore)

so, check THIS shit out. we’re in denver, we get our work done (twelve hour day…one of many), and we decide that neither of us has ANY interest in driving ANYWHERE to get food. i point out that we ARE right across the street from papa john’s, and we decide pizza MUST be the dietary call for the evening.
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the sack-shriveling chronicles, volume ii

so forgive the shortness of this one, but it was a long, shitty day where nothing worked, and save for my health and automotive catastrophe, all went wrong. and even though clerks IS on cinemax right now, it’s almost 1:30 am mountain time, and i have to get up in a bit more than five hours. combine that with great pizza, gentleman jack, and a good nicaraguan cigar and i’m surprised i’m still upright…but back to the terror that was tuesday in the rockies…
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two guys and a hoe

2k3 has not been the coolest of years thus far. just been a funk the whole damn time. now don’t get me wrong, i’m not counting the year out just yet. maybe (or more so, hopefully) the year’s just getting all the bad shit out of the way now so it can rock the rest of the time. about 75% of the way through last year, i wrote it off and decided that THIS year, 2k3, was gonna be ALL mine. the year all of my life’s little pieces come together to form the rich labyrinth of a 3-D jigsaw puzzle that is my life. yeppers, that IS the plan.
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raise the flag and silence the chickens

when i got my sprint phone, one of the things i liked about it was that you could download ring tones. that was the one plus of the verizon phone i had right before i switched over…it had AWESOME rings, including cure and depeche mode songs. VERY cool. the selection from sprint isn’t quite so good, but i’m sure they’ll learn eventually. verizon gives you one free ring of your choice from the downloads, and like many a dope man before them, the first was free but the rest will cost you. sprint just puts one on the damn phone, but it’s not a song…
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kinda drunk…ignore the massive typos

josh and i have been playing pool at bum’s billiards…a LOT. there are certain signs that you’ve been frequenting an alcohol dispensary on a regular basis. take tonight, for example…i showed up about ten minutes ahead of josh and kristin. i walked up to the bar, and all the way around the crowd was about three deep. and then “the magic” happened. and i DON’T mean that in the lakers OR lady’s man sense of the phrase…
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