sleepy fan

last night i felt OLD. real old. damn old. although i shouldn’t, because a lot of the people i dealt with at the venue thought i was just a few years older than them. and this was at the beck acoustic show. what was REALLY odd (and when i first heard about this show, i didn’t think it was real) was that beck played his two hour and some change acoustic set at the performing arts center…of westlake HIGH school. so these were high school kids i was dealing with; yet they thought i was close to their age…hell, one of their girlfriends even hit on me when we were left alone together for a couple of minutes, so i must be doing SOMETHING right with myself. but the show went off without a hitch, and i learned something i didn’t know about the artist formerly (and currently) known as beck…for all his “thrift store” sensibility that he drips across his wardrobe choices, he actually wears the same size prada as me (yes, i ended up with THAT kinda access)…but his were boots.
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i couldn’t figure out what my problem was (don’t feel you have t write a list in the comments section just yet, okay? i’m going somewhere with this…) all week, with like, monday night as the exception, i’ve felt just kinda blah…i’ve had next to NO creative inspiration, no motivation, no inclination to do jack frickin’ squat. i figure part of it has to do with lack of sleep, because for various reasons i haven’t been getting a lot lately (sleep, that is…as far as that other “getting a lot” number, it’s much, much, MUCH lower than my sleep number, unfortunately). the other part is a calendar thing…
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