gold members, red dogs, and purple ritas (my saturday, at a glance)

07/28/2002: “”

“redheads are evil and not to be trusted…” so sayeth my buddy shane. he was engaged to one, and feels he has the right to make that broad generalization (or generalization about broads). it was those words echoing in my head (no offense, sin D) that made me NOT start writing this piece saturday afternoon. allow me to explain.
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the other half

junior and i hit the tool show tonight; and by that, i mean the BAND tool, not some trade show or something…already hit wal-mart, got the drill i was going on about…we’re all good. i was kinda upset with tool when they came through and played sa instead of austin last fall when i KNOW they like austin better; and tonight they proved it with incredible stage presence, maynard actually stepping up to where he could be seen (and getting damn near naked, but never mind that now) and an awesome set list…plus a wall of sound that left me REALLY regretting that i didn’t take ear plugs?
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i’m calling her “copper”

so, 8:15 this morning the lockhart animal shelter unlocked it’s gate, and i was there. fifteen minutes later, copper (as in the color, NOT a police reference) was leading (note: not BEING led) the dog pound chick down the walkway to where i was standing. i put my leash on her, and she tried to pull ME like that….realizing that new dad was about 240 and therefore not moveable if he didn’t WANT to be, she calmed down. i took her to the car, where she rode in the passenger seat for a bit, and once she got sleepy, just curled her cute, big-headed self up on the floor mat.
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“hippies….hippies…everywhere….they say they wanna save the earth but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad…”

okay, first off, in the title, i am SO not criticizing people who smoke pot. but working my first of THREE widespread panic shows was worse than i ever could have imagined when it came to the box office. scary, scary stuff. and walking through the crowd was even worse. that “au natural” smell (now with PATCHOULI!!!) is bad enough when there’s one or two of them together.
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i was getting ready for a lunch engagement in north austin when i got called in on “family” duty. not my family by blood, and not my family by marriage (having never been married and starting to get the feeling i’ll never BE married, that would have been quite a feat)…no, it was my OTHER family; the one who’s phone number is saved in my star tac as “FAMILY II” (as it has been in every mobile i’ve ever owned). and our matriarch had just left the building for the last time to go take her place running the smoking section of that big chunk o’ sky i call “Liz’s Lounge” (named after my mother, the first of the mighty females in my life to head that way).
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this was a holiday?

so, my day at a glance…woke up this morning at 6:45 on a little under five hours of sleep after doing dinner and a movie with kimberly, the porn star in training (allow me to clarify, i WENT to a movie with her…men in black ii. it had it’s moments, but over all had a bad case of sequelitis where it pails compared to the original…just didn’t want y’all to think the two of us MADE a movie or something).
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