fry day

well, i suppose the tail end of friday was a preview of things to come, work-wise; so once again, i’ve got to be industrially creative (i.e. make my own work) i DID have quite a bit to do, but found myself with everything pretty much knocked out, and it was only 3:45. for the next two weeks i’ll be tied to our tech support line (i’m thinking of posting the toll-free number on here so you can all call and say, “hi”) while the rest of my department heads off to deal with some dallas technical fun; i get left behind because i am one of the two choices that can single-handedly run the austin office and maintain all the outlets AND keep all venues happy; the other is my boss, who wants to head up and oversee dallas. all fair (as it should be in love, war, and big business, right?) but it still kinda sucks for me. on the upside, i won’t be in the big “D”, and don’t have to try my damnedest to find sitters for the dogs, which is never easy.
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the seventh sinning stretch

at the stroke of midnight to START my birthday, i was at la zona rosa with josh watching a grown man put his face in broken glass as a rather fetching, busty young woman plucked from the audience stepped on the back of his head; twenty-four hours later i was watching the last few moments of my birthday tick away as…well…honestly i couldn’t see ANYTHING because my face was enveloped in a pair of sizeable breasts that have graced the pages of both hustler and playboy…(pic of her available on request)
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why comal county sucks when you’re on tequila

i am REALLY digging kimberly – the porn star in training’s new porno pad. it comes complete with ol’ school hot tub in the master bath, plus dual shower heads and mirrored wall in the master bed room…and out back a pool and a bad-ass grill (and buford, the wonder basset). the whole thing just DRIPS of 70’s swank, and if it didn’t get any better from there, it’s just off the loop and pat booker making it damn near the easiest place to get to in SA for me, with the exception of the forum, which is where we had dinner and drink (note the lack of an “s” on that last word – still saving up for my birthday festivities tuesday-wednesday…though that one margarita was pretty large and pretty strong).
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